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The Howard Watch Catalogue No. 3 (1914)

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HOWARD WATCHES CATALOGUE No. 3, PUBLISHED BY E. HOWARD WATCH WORKS WALTHAM, MASSACHUSETTS FOREWORD ? 7 CU see in the following pages the complete series of Howard Watches‐movement dis‐ plays, dial views and reproductions of the styles of case in which the Howard is supplied complete; together with the retail prices at which Howard Watches are sold by representative jew‐ elers all over America. Every year the jeweler who is dealing with discriminating purchasers finds the Howard Watch more and more essential‐one of the few lines for which there is no substitute. Special attention should be called to the Edward Howard model, on pages 6 and 7‐the Finest Watch in the World. And to the new 12-size Carvel (pages 26 and 27). This is the latest addition to the Howard line, and already enjoys remarkable popularity wherever shown. SPECIFICATIONS OF THE HOWARD WATCH PRECISE adjustment for temperature, isochronism and positions‐constructive and permanent. Balance-wheel specially hard-tempered‐will not knock out of true with jolt and vibration‐ exclusive with the Howard. Balance Pivots and Train Pivots made of special steel. Designed for strength‐finished for closest position adjust‐ ment. selected pigeon-blood rubies. oriental sapphires. Double‐ roller escapement. Dials are hand-madehof finest first-quality enamel (see pages 28, 30, 31 and 34). 16-size Hunting watches are pendant setting only. Open Face in the Railroad grades are supplied in either pendant or lever setting. 12‐ size watches are pendant setting only‐both Hunting and Open Face. Every Howard Watch is cased at the factory ~~timed and adjusted in its o w n case and supplied complete. Howard movements and cases a r e never sold separately. Jewels a r e Pallet-stones a r e Steel escape Wheel. THE EDWARD HOWARD CHRONOMETER ADJUSTMENT The Edward Howard is a n e w and remarkable achievement of horology. It is named in honor of the founder of the business: the m a n who made the first American watch and who established the watch-making industry of the United States. Men capable of judging pronounce it the finest watch ever produced in this or a n y other country. Jeweled with matched Oriental Sapphires. Three‐ cornered Sapphire Impulse Pin. Adjustable Sapphire Bank‐ ing Pins. Extra-large Sapphire Cap-jewels on Balance, Pallet-arbor, and Escape-wheel Pinion. A l l Jewels hand‐ finished and selected for quality and depth of color. Train Wheels trued and poised on Pinions. Pinions hand-turned and hand-finished, running in Olive-hole Jewels. Hand-made Compensating Balance with Solid Hub and with Graduated Timing Nuts. Detachable Friction Balance-staff. Howard Patent Gravity Regulator. Free Vibrating Hairspring. Poised Escape Wheel, double recessed. Pallet Fork with Detachable Safety Tongue. Lower Escapement Plate de‐ tachable. Mainspring with highest reversible resiliency. im‐ parting full impulse with lightest possible motive power. Dial hand-ground Venetian Enamel. 18K Gold, Plain Polish Open Face, $350.00. 16-SIZE, 23-JEWEL RAILROAD STANDARD BRIDGE M0DEL HUNTING OR OPEN FACE (Open Face supplied either Pendant or Lever Setting) he finest practical timepiece in the world, very generally used by Railroad Men, Field Engineers and others whose needs are most exacting. Special five‐position adjust‐ ment. 23 extra-fine ruby and sapphire jewels‐ cap jewels on balance, pallet-arbor and escape wheel. Recessed steel escape wheel. 18 K. SOLID GOLD, EXTRA HEAVY Hunting Open Face rs; war. $170.00 1132 $155-00 14 K. SOLID GOLD, EXTRA HEAVY £22815??? $1350) 03 z; mm “CRESCENT” Extra or “JAS. BOSS’ Extra, Gold Filled N.60,Pl' N 55P1 , Ng.60,E.n’l1P $ 9 2 5 0 N3;6Ef’1!‘ $90.00 was". $150.00 14 K. SOLID GOLD, HEAVY $140.00 new 16-SIZE, 21-JEWEL RAILROAD STANDARD BRIDGE MODEL Open Face Only, in Pendant or Lever Setting OPEN FACE ONLY 13 K. SOLID GOLD, EXTRA HEAVY 531333393}. . . . . . . . . . . . .$130.00 14.K. SOLID GOLD, EXTRA HEAVY fifiilglgilfifi'fl- . . . . . . . . . . . .$115.00 ' 14 K. SOLID GOLD, HEAVY 521183213?” . . . . . . . . . . . . -$100.00 “CRESCENT” Extra or “JAS.BOSS” Extra Gold Filled No 1055, Plain . $65 00 No.1065,E.T. ... ......... . “CRESCENT” Extra or “JAS. BOSS” Extra Gold Filled Swing Ring, Dust-Proof Cases No.1076,Plain} . ' ‘ . ' ‘ ‘ _ $65.00 No. 1085, E.T. 2 16-SIZE, 19-JEWEL RAILROAD STANDARD BRIDGE MODEL HUNTING OR OPEN FACE (Open Face supplied either Pendant or Lever Setting) phire jewels. 18 K. SOLID GOLD, EXTRA HEAVY Hunting Open Face N.512,Pla' ‐ Ng.513,E.’l‘ri $140'00 £323??? $125.00 14 K. SOLID GOLD, EXTRA HEAVY $2:248:$1“? $120“) £32:2'2Eat". $110.00 14 K. SOLID GOLD, HEAVY $2813} $105-00 fig 222; P“; $95.00 "CRESCENT” Extra or “JAS. BOSS” Extra Gold Filled N .550,Pl' N3.5eo.m“. $6260 Screw Bezel, Solid Back, Swing Ring, Dust-Proof} ' N 555Pl N356“ M " $60.00 No. 575, Plain ' ' ' {No}, 585, E.T. $60'00 16-SIZE, 17-JEWEL RAILROAD STANDARD BRIDGE MODEL Open Face, either Pendant or Lever Setting (The Hunting of this grade is Three‐quarter Plate Model) his Howard is the finest 17-jewel watch made. It meets all the requirements of Railroad Service and is accepted by 17 fine ruby and sapphire jewels. 18 K. SOLID GOLD, EXTRA HEAVY Hunting Open Face $33: in $130.00 Es 3:3; $115.00 14 K. SOLID GOLD, EXTRA HEAVY E2: 113.“in N . 230, Pl ' N3. 24.0, 143.859. 5511000 E2: 252: Eli $100-00 14 K. SOLID GOLD, HEAVY N 935 Pl $9500 N3 245 E“? $85.00 “CRESCENT” Extra or “JAS. BOSS” Extra, Gold Filled N.!50,Pl' N2. m, m“. $5250 Screw Bezel, Solid Back, Swing Ring, Dust-Proof} ' ' ' ' N .255,Pl' N3, m, ET $50.00 . 276, Plain -285, E.T, $5000 6 16-SIZE, 17-JEWEL THREE-QUARTER PLATE MODEL DOUBLE ROLLER, ADJUSTED THREE POSITIONS HUNTING OR OPEN FACE 553353}; $100.00 1133; 3511595; 14K. SOLID GOLD. HEAVY N .985,PI' $85'00 N2.94,5, E8912 N .930,Pl ' N3.940, E3219. 18K. SOLID GOLD, EXTRA HEAVY Hunting Open Face £13 212:IEIT $1201“) £2: 8225: El“? 14. K. SOLID GOLD. EXTRA HEAVY $1050" $90.00 $75-00 “CRESCENT” Extra or “JAS. BOSS” Extra, Gold Filled fig 323; $42.50 Screw Bezel, Solid Back, Swing Ring, Dust-Proof} ' ' ' mazes $4000 No. 975, Plain {No. 985, E.T. $40'00 16-Size, Extra-Thin Model HOWARD CARVEL WATCH 17 JEWELS, OPEN FACE ONLY he Howard Carve] meets the demand for Ta moderate‐priced l7-jewel 14 K. solid gold watch. The case is Open Face, specially constructed with solid back and singles joint, insuring perfect protection to the move‐ ment and an extremely compact and thin 16-size watch. Adjusted to three positions. 17 selected r u b y and sapphire jewels in gold settings. Pendant setting only. The Howard Carvel Watch is supplied only with the above movement. 14 K. GOLD, HEAVY 12-SIZE, 21-JEWEL Extra-Thin BRIDGE MODEL HUNTING OR OPEN FACE PENDANT SETTING cessed steel escape wheel. 18K. SOLID GOLD, HEAVY Hunting Open Face 0333510". $155-00 fig; 3505001 $140.00 14K. SOLID GOLD, HEAVY 03:35:00.0: 035-00 00320300. $125.00 “CRESCENT” Extra or "JAS. BOSS” Extra, Gold Filled N 850, P1 ' N . 855,1’1 N2. 860, E-a’llli $ 9 2 5 0 NE. 865. Edi? $ 9 0 0 0 “CAVETTO” CASE‐“CRESCENT” Extra Gold Filled N . 85OC,Pl ' N . 856C Pla' Nil.8000, Eli? $9950 Ni 866C: E_311" $9000 “DORIC” CASE‐“CRESCENT’f Extra Gold Filled N.855D.Pl‘ Ng‘mD’Ef'Tn} . . . . . . . . . '. . $90.00 12-SIZE, 19-JEWEL Extra-Thin BRIDGE MODEL HUNTING OR OPEN FACE PENDANT SETTING to be relied upon under all conditions. Closely adjusted to five positions. 19 fine ruby and sapphire jewels‐cap jewels on balance and escape Wheel. 18K. SOLID GOLD, HEAVY Hunting a g a i n ; $125.00 14K. SOLID Open Face fizzszsszfinin nun-00 GOLD, HEAVY is: again $95.00 fizzszgfgnnin $105.00 “ CRESCENT” Extra or “JAS. BOSS” Extra Gold Filled mam. $6250 fizz:zzzzn’nnin. $60.00 “CAVETTO CASE”‐“CRESCENT” Extra Gold Filled N .050C,Pl ' t' N _655C,Pl n N3. 6600, Ea'i‘n “62-50 N3. 665C, Elli“ $60.00 “DORIC” CASE‐‐“ CRESCENT ” Extra Gold Filled No. 655D, Plain } N0. 685D, E. T. ' 12-SIZE, 17-J EWEL Extra-Thin BRIDGE MODEL HUNTINGOROPENFACE PENDANT SETTING 53: 313: El N 780P1 ufiiu0.x?“ $1051“) £23221??? $90-00 14 K SOLID GOLD, HEAVY N.785,Pl' $8500 N3. ”an“? $7500 .18 K. SOLID GOLD.HEAVY Hunting Open Face “CRESCENT” Extra or “JAS.BOSS” Extra Gold Filled ms; $42.50 fizz 322". $40.00 “CAVETTO” CASE‐“CRESCENT” Extra Gold Filled N 760C,Pl" N 755C. Pl' Ng 760C.E..'l‘n. $4250 N2. 766C, El’lP. $4030 “DORIC” CASE‐“CRESCENT” Extra Gold Filled No. 7561), Plain No. 765D. E. T. Howard 12-SiZe Carve] THE NEW EXTRA-THIN MODEL 17 JEWELS, OPEN FACE ONLY , I ‘he lQ-size Carvel is the latest addition to the series of Howard Watches. It is brought out in response to the demand constantly made on Howard jewelers for a Howard 12-size in solid gold case at about fifty dollars. This new Howard is thinner by one and one‐ The only gold-cased IQ-size Howard selling for less than $75. Supplied only with this one grade of movement. No. 705, Open Face, l’luin Polished Only 14K. GOLD, HEAVY HOWARD RAILROAD WATCH 16-SIZE, LEVER SETTING Railroad running isthe hardest service a watch can be subjected to‐jar, jolt and vibration. The Howard special hard‐ tempered balance will not knock out of true. Balance pivots and train pivots are made of steel invented expressly for the service‐run firm and true under the severest conditions. _ The idea of a Howard Railroad Watch was worked out at the repeated suggestion of promi‐ nent railroad men who desired a special watch of the Howard type and accuracy. It is beyond all question the finest Railroad Watch in the world, and as such appeals to the railroad man’s pride in his profession. A l l Howard Lever-Setting Watches a r e officially certified and adopted by the Time In‐ spectors of leading railroads. Better than that‐their daily performance is finer, more accurate, than the most exacting railroad requirements. ’ W FACE OF HOWARD WATCH his is the dial View of the Howard 12-size ‘Extra-Thin Watch, showing the distinc‐ tive character of the Howard numerals. Howard 16-size dials a r e made also with heavy Arabic figures, with or Without the marginal numerals, specially adapted to the requirements of Railroad Men (see page 28). Every Howard dial is hand-made, of finest first-grade enamel‐ground and polished by hand. to give a perfectly level surface, do justice to the fine lines of the numerals, and ensure maxi‐ viewed. Howard dials a r e the result of years of expei-l‐ ence in fulfilling the needs of m e n prominent in every phase of activity‐in the business-house, the factory, the counting-room, the office of government or corporation, the study, in the engine-room or working over rough country. HOWARD “CAVETTO” CASE “CRESCENT” EXTRA GOLD FILLED 12-SIZE EXTRA-THIN MODEL ONLY buyers everywhere. The “Cavetto” is the most distinguished case ever designed for an Extra-Thin watch. In the Plain Polished case the “Cavetto” modeling defines the edge and adds to the apparent thin‐ ness of the watch; while in the Engine-Turned watch it diversifies the geometrical surface and frames the center. Fitted only with 12-size, Extra‐Thin move‐ ments,21, 19and 17jewels‐every watch cased and timed in its o w n case before leaving the factory. Howard movements and cases a r e n o t sold separately. For Prices see pages 21, 23 and 25 HOWARD “DORIC” CASE “ CRESCENT” EXTRA GOLD FILLED 12-SIZE, EXTRA-THIN‐OPEN FACE ONLY ate for this new Howard case. It has the bold, square molding and the classic purity of line which are the distinctive features of Doric architecture, and which a r e seen at their best in the Parthenon at Athens‐ conceded by artists to be the most beautiful building in the world. The new Howard “Doric” case is destined to become exceedingly popular. Specially thin and compact‐yet decidedly bold and masculine. It is supplied in two styles‐with either plain polished or milled edge. The “Doric” case comes only in Open Face. It is supplied fitted complete with any grade of Howard 12‐size Extra-Thin movement. For Prices see pages 21, 23 and 25 HOWARD POLISHED CASE a n y critical buyers prefer the Howard M Polished Case. It owes its distinction to its exquisite lines and the deep pure color of polished gold. The Howard Polished Case is made in either 19‐ or 16-size, 14 or 18 K. solid gold, or “Cres‐ cent” Extra or “Jas. Boss” Extra Gold Filled; Open Face or Hunting. Howard Polished Case. Howard movements and cases are not sold separately. D HOWARD ENGINE-TURNED CASE HowardCases,madein Engine-Turned,have always been favorite cases for ’ fine watches‐particularly in rough service, Where the Engine-Turned finish is especially free from damage by scratching. They are furnished with the Howard 12‐size Extra-Thin and 16‐size movements of all grades, in both Open Face and Hunting, in 14 or 18 K. solid gold and “Crescent” Extra or “Jas. Boss” Extra Gold Filled. Howard movements and HOWARD SWING RING CASE 16-SIZE, OPEN FACE "CRESCENT” Extra or “JAS. BOSS" Extra Gold Filled his is a construction View of the Howard Swing Ring, Solid Back, Screw Bezel, Dust‐proof Case, supplied only in 16‐ size, Open Face “Crescent” Extra or “Jas. Boss” Extra Gold Filled. It is specially adapted to watches intended for railroad, engineering, mining or factory use. complete w i t h a n y of o u r several grades of 16-size, Open Face, Pendant or Lever Set movements. Howard movements and cases are never sold separately. For Prires see pages 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17 16-SIZE AND 12-SIZE FANCY ENGRAVED HOWARD WATCHES hile Howard Watches a r e usually v V wanted in Plain or Engine-Turned cases, we c a n at a l l times supply Howards complete in both 16‐size and 12-size Engraved cases, either Solid Gold or “Crescent" Extra or “Jas. Boss” Extra Gold Filled. All engraving on Howard Watches is the finest hand work, in handsome new and exclusive patterns‐ THE HOWARD TRADE-MARK ’ I \his little circle or circular band, bearing the name “E. Howard Watch Co., Bos‐ ton,” is the identifying mark of the Howard Watch. , You will find it on the inside cap of every Howard Watch Case. And on the movement of every Howard is also engraved the name “ E . Howard Watch Co.” The Howard is always supplied as a complete watch‐each movement timed and adjusted in its o w n case by the Howard horologists. A printed ticket accompanies each Howard Watch showing the price at which it is sold by representative jewelers in every part of America. A Howard Watch is always worth what you pay for it. DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDUDDDDU INDEX HOWARD WATCHES EDWARD HOWARD MODEL Hunting and Open Face. - _ Lever Setting, Open Face 16-Slze, 23 Jewelof this grade is railroad . 16-8120, 21-Jewel standard. Open Face only. Lever Setting of this grade is rail‐ road standard. Hunting and Open Face.‘ Lever Setting, Open Face of this grade is railroad standard. Hunting and Open Face. Lever Setting, Open Face, of this grade is railroad standard. Fine three position adjust‐ ment, Double Roller, Pend‐ a n t Setting only. Carvel Case. Adjusted three positions, Double Roller, Pendant Setting only. _ ‘. 16 g m ” _ 19 Jewel lli-Size 17-Jewel ’ . 16-Slze, 17-Jewel _ ~ _ 1681ze, 17Jewe1 12-Size, 21-Jewel, Open Face and Hunting. lQ‐Size, lQ-Jewel, Open Face and Hunting. li-Size, 17-Jewel, Open Face and Hunting. 12‐Size, 17-Jewel, Carvel Case, Open Face. 16-SIZE AND 12-SIZE FANCY ENGRAVED. 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