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E. Howard Watch Co. (Keystone) Grade Series 3 Research

E. Howard Watch Co. (Keystone) Grade Series 3 Advertisement from 1909

c.1909 Howard Watches Catalog

Publication Date: c. 1909

Page: 18

Grade:Series 3
Manufacturer:E. Howard Watch Co. (Keystone)
Configuration:Openface or Hunting
Jewel Count Marked:Yes
Jewel Setting:Gold Screw Settings
Jewel Description:17 Selected Jewels in Gold Settings, All Rubies Except the Oriental Sapphire Pallet Stones
Adjusted Marked:Yes
Adjusted To Temperature:Yes
Adjusted To Isochronism:Yes
Adjusted # Positions:3
Adjusted Description:Adjusted to Three Positions, Isochronism and Temperature
Markings:E. Howard Watch Co.
17 Jewels
Movement Font Style:Casual Script
Dial Material:Enamel
Dial Type:Single-sunk
Description:16-Size, 17-Jewel,
3-4 Plate (1905) Model
Single Roller. Three Positions Adjusted

Hunting or Open-Face

Adjusted to three positions, isochronism and temperature - the Howard keeps accurate time and despite extremes of heat and cold. A dependable timepiece for daily pocket use. Every Howard Wath is cased and timed in its own case at the factory. Howard movements and cases are not sold separately.

Description and Prices
16-Size, 17-Jewel, 3-4 Plate (1905) Model

17 jewels in gold settings, all rubies except the oriental sapphire pallet stones.

Balance and Escapement
Celebrated Howard Balance Wheel, specially hard tempered, will not knock out of true with the jar and jolt of most severe use. Single-roller escapement and steel escape wheel.

Dial is hand-made, single sunk, of finest first-quality enamel, with distinctive Howard hour and minute figures.

Hunting and Open-Face
Made in both Hunting and Open-Face, pendant setting only.

18 K. Solid Gold, Extra Heavy

No. 312, Plain
No. 313, E.T.

No. 322, Plain
No. 323, E.T.

14 K. Solid Gold, Extra Heavy

No. 310, Plain
No. 320, E.T.

No. 315, Plain
No. 325, E.T.

14 K. Solid Gold, Heavy

No. 330, Plain
No. 340, E.T.

No. 335, Plain
No. 345, E.T.

"Jas. Boss" or "Crescent" Gold Filled
(Guaranteed 25 Years)

No. 350, Plain
No. 360, E.T.

No. 355, Plain
No. 365, E.T.
No. 375, Plain
No. 385, E.T.
Screw Bezel, Solid Back
Swing Ring, Dust Proof